Google Moon is Made of Cheese

GooglemoonThose cartoons that I loved as a child were right … the moon is made of cheese.

I had not seen Google Moon, but was interested to go closer and closer to the surface. I was hoping to see a flag or a moon lander … alas, when I got close, all I saw was this picture. Looks like Jarlsburg.

Now I wonder how soon it will be before the Google Moon is "monetised" … and who will be the first advertiser? Moon banner anyone?

One thought on “Google Moon is Made of Cheese

  1. Click on my linketty link hon. Slightly different story – about Google’s space race. I slapped a “branded” moon picture together last year. Got caned for it – but I don’t think we should have more space races, we should have more collaborative enterprises. Am I childish? Oh ok, don’t answer that 😛

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