The Global Age of Conversation

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When Drew and I began this project, we secretly hoped that it would be global. Sure there would be contributors from the USA and from Australia where we were each based … but what about the rest of the world?

I am pleased to say that we have contributors from all over the world — and this alone makes launching a challenge. So while we in Sydney experience Monday, 16 July earlier than most others, we don’t actually launch until 9pm. In the meantime, check out where all the authors are from using this cool Google Map, with thanks to Matt Dickman for pulling it all together.

8 thoughts on “The Global Age of Conversation

  1. OMG… Belgium is smaller than the pin pointing it! LOL!
    Anyway, great space overview of the gang. This project makes the world smaller. Great job to Matt. And thank you once again!

  2. Hello Gavin:
    AOC is truly a global project & its global nature will only grow by leaps & bounds in the years to come.
    Thank you for your leadership that made this exciting project a reality.
    It’s my pleasure being your conversationalist partner from Oman / India through AOC.

  3. Hey Gavin,
    I know what you mean regarding the Sydney thing. It’s been a pleasure to particpate in the project as one of four contributors from Australia. I’m not sure what you are planning in terms of local PR but I would be keen to join any conversation regarding thoughts on getting the word out in oz.

  4. Chris … happy to have your thoughts/ideas — give me a call.
    Arun, Luc, Valeria … it has been a great honour to work closely with you all. I look forward to our great success!

  5. Gavin, really looking forward to picking this up in the next week or so and giving it a good read.
    You’ve brought together many of the best and brightest minds in conversational marketing. I can’t wait to see what they all have to say.
    Well done — and congratulations.

  6. Gavin, congratulations on a great book
    But you can’t honestly global.
    North America, Europe and Australia are many things… but they are not the world.
    No China (not a lot of Asia), No South America, No Africa??
    Having said that I hope the conversation will spread so that the global aspiration is realised. It will be fascinating to watch.

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