Blog Your Way to Fame

Fame There are lots of reasons for writing blogs. In fact, one of the most interesting memes (for me) was this one, which asked us all “why blog”. But some people blog for fame … and Divya has started a competition for emerging bloggers to help them gain a toe-hold in the vast, amorphous blogosphere. This is particularly interesting and timely, with Drew McLellan asking for help to build a blogging toolbox. This is where Divya’s blog comes in handy as she has plenty of tips for new bloggers as well as explanations for why some things work and others do not (I particularly liked this explanation of Google).

But back to the competition … there are two parts to the contest — for blogs and for bloggers (you can check out the contest rules here). There is some big money available, and you can see the rankings live. And who is on the selection jury? None other than Mike Sansone, the blog coach extraordinaire. Could prove to be interesting.

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