Too Close to Bare?

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Marcus Brown is doing it again. The ongoing marketing/self/artistic experiment that is It Could Get Worse has taken yet another turn.

If you feel up to following the exploration of identity that Marcus is about to unleash, start here. But be warned … you may find the looking glass looking back at you.

2 thoughts on “Too Close to Bare?

  1. Gavin,
    I’ve been there and done that: Once in our living room and once in the car. I wasn’t the one crying but I was the one dying inside. We survived. This August we celebrate 33 years of marriage.

  2. Lewis – good man, and well done on those 33 years. Congratulations.
    Gavin – thanks for doing this you’re a diamond and at some point I expect an invoice from you for PR services rendered. 🙂
    The series has now grown a little and the reason for the tears, although not yet revealed, is starting to come into focus.

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