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It is always nice to be recognised for your hardwork — especially when that recongition comes from your peers. And I have been nominated NOT for one of the Lions from Cannes, but for something more compelling.

Both Lewis Green and Drew McLellan have nominated me as someone who makes them think. Now, coming from two people that I have great respect for — especially for their intelligence, humour and abundant generosity — really makes this a nomination to be proud of.

So, now the deal is … I have to nominate five other writers who make ME think. And following back through Drew’s post to David Reich, CK, Cam Beck, Ariel Waldman and Mark Goren, there are quite a few already nominated.
But there are many excellent writers who don’t seem (as yet) to have been nominated, or at least, have not yet posted on their nomination. So my nominations are:

Paul McEnany of HeeHaw Marketing. While known for his off-the-cuff brilliance and no-holds-barred cussing, he combines great writing, energy, storytelling and even images (from time to time). And for him "badass" is a natural turn of phrase.
Mack Collier because he single handedly does more to stimulate and energise this community of marketing bloggers than anyone else I know. Mack has a particular knack of seeing a topic and bringing new vision to it — I often think "he has done it again".
Sean Howard from Craphammer also gets a nomination because he consistently takes a strategic position and tries to figure out the challenges for the rest of us. He willingly shares these great ideas with us all (in the hope that we can contribute), but many times, again, I find myself wishing I had borrowed his brain for a while. Oh, and he is a top shelf editor of our EatSleepBlog escapades (another coming soon).
Katie Chatfield of GetShouty is also nominated because she is, quite frankly, one of the best creative thinkers around.

Roger von Oech is my final nomination (though I could go on). Not only does he make you think, he constantly surprises you in the way that he draws ideas together. If you ever need a whack on the side of the head, then Roger is your man.

7 thoughts on “Nominated!

  1. Gavin- As always, you totally kick ass. Some might even call you “badass,” though I haven’t figured out how to properly use the phrase. 🙂
    Hope you can make it on for at least some of the ESB!

  2. Gavin,
    Yup x 5. As I was wrestling with who to nominate every one of your final five were part of what made it so hard.
    Aren’t we fortunate that there are this many intelligent blogs out there!

  3. Shucks!
    I think creativity is a living entity that you tap into and not something that you entirely own yourself.
    You have to feed creativity on good stuff: new ideas to chew on, opinion to digest, positions to inspire all mixed in with a healthy mixture of silliness.
    Couldn’t do it without you or the dream team you mention here and others…

  4. Gavin–Congrats on being nominated, and I think you’re totally deserving of the kudos. 🙂
    I completely agree with your nominees as well (and Drew’s). Those guys are all amazingly creative thinkers, all in different ways. What a great idea for a meme!

  5. Hi Gavin,
    You totally kiss ass (alright, I copied that), but the thought is real. (Thanks also for the kind words.)
    As “Fake Steve” would put it, I hope you had a nice Christmas yesterday!

  6. Gavin, your blog is a home for me online. It is a place of comfort, refuge and that always drives me to delve deeper, by leading me, never pushing.
    Can’t say enough about you or your blog.

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