Value for money Re-defined…

Value for money Re-defined…
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As we continue to work on The Age of Conversation eBook, the more we have to think about the bigger picture. And we have to think about the basics … and sometimes the basics are the hardest to nail down.

For example, one of the pillars of marketing — price. How do we price a collaborative eBook that brings together a legion of great thinkers? Where does it sit in the pantheon of business books? Do we offer a hardcopy version?

All great questions … and if you have an opinion, we would love to hear it!

What would YOU be willing to pay for such a great piece of work — 100 viewpoints from 100 authors. REMEMBER … all proceeds go to charity.

Be sure to let Drew know your thoughts!

6 thoughts on “Value for money Re-defined…

  1. Pricing aside, I’d just like to make sure Katie and you are OK with all this flooding. I’m sorry it’s so bad over there right now, friend.

  2. I’d like to inform everyone in Sydney and Australia that the flooding has nearly passed.
    Huge amounts of damage, lots of insurance claims, but at least the football wasn’t canceled.
    However, why didn’t our Sydney brothers and sisters hold a disaster concert or 7’s Sunrise team come and visit the poor wet people of the Hunter.

  3. I mentioned this to Drew when he asked and I’ll restate here:
    We should ask for a ‘suggested’ donation of $25 USD. This will allow those with limited resources to get the book (the better to spread the conversation). This will encourage those with the means and charitable thoughts to give more than $25 USD. This balances the goals of many readers and many dollars for the charity.

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