Politicians are Twits

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Who says politicians don’t have a sense of humour?

Given that we have an election coming up this year, I was interested to see whether the Australian political parties have started to dig into social media tools. Sure enough, I found quite a few Twitter IDs… and whoever is setting these up seems to be having a bit of fun.

I particularly like Kevin Rudd’s profile whose bio states "Soon to be PM". In his follower list is Condi, The President, John Howard and Robert Mugabe.

However, I don’t know whether I want to join any of these as a "follower" — especially because they receive an email saying "Gavin wants to be your friend". Don’t know if I am willing to commit that far (ha ha). Enjoy!

One thought on “Politicians are Twits

  1. Hey Gavin! We just had a case of B.S.P. (Armano’s Blogger Sensory Perception):
    – You and I both wrote posts related to Twitter on the same day.
    – In my post, I mention you in relation to Twitter…very eerie! (It’s related to your pioneer TwitterPoetry effort.)

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