Bw_logo_no_tagmed When Drew and I first started thinking about bringing a few folks together to start talking about the Age of Conversation, we didn’t really know where it might take us. But in the spirit of conversation, we thought that there might just be a host of others out there willing to join in. Sure enough, as the collaborative energy started to build, Steve Woodruff took on the challenge and brought a dozen of us together to launch a new and ongoing collaboration — BrandingWire. The "dazzling dozen" will group together to bring our individual (and shared) perspectives to a range of branding challenges each and every month, with our first post next Monday.

So who is this dazzling dozen … and what do we look like? Our individual sites are listed below, and you can, of course, visit the site for more information about this exciting initiative. You will hear more next week, but in the meantime, take a look around some of these sites and stay tuned for what is bound to be an exciting addition to the global brand and marketing conversation.

Olivier Blanchard
Becky Carroll
Derrick Daye
Kevin Dugan
Lewis Green
Ann Handley
Gavin Heaton
Martin Jelsema
Valeria Maltoni
Drew McLellan
Patrick Schaber
Steve Woodruff

11 thoughts on “BrandingWire

  1. Excellent! Just commented on Steve’s blog. Love this idea. You had to be in it, Gav. I believe this is a first step towards the way many of us will soon work. Collaborative, multi-talent/task, flexible… in one word : smart.

  2. As I prepare my post to announce this shindig, I almost feel like Wayne and Garth…not worthy!
    But it will be a lot of fun. Looking forward to the June 11 kickoff.

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