Eat.Sleep.Blog 3

Here is the third (and probably the best so far) in our series of online video hookups. Catch Sean Howard at his best, playing with ideas and humour at the same time, and see Paul McEnany in his last appearance as a single man (I am still thinking that he will return from Mexico with a wife). Special thanks to Sean (again) for working so hard to edit the file into something that is (mostly) comprehensible.


Eat, Sleep, Blog: Session 3 from craphammer on Vimeo

9 thoughts on “Eat.Sleep.Blog 3

  1. Well, I guess here you could call yourself “Web broadasters”–since at the moment you are broadcasting site and sounds across the blogwaves.
    Personally I think Gavin is a writer and Paul is a marketer–a marketer who writes and likes to cuss a lot.
    Sean, I’m not sure what you are. I don’t know you well enough.
    Nice chat guys. I enjoyed it. And so did darmano. 😉

  2. Loved it! Paul needs better lighting. He looks like he’s in a fog. (Um, maybe he is.) Bloggers sounds like we are deep in a swamp. (Bog is an Americanism.) I like David’s idea, if we have to name ourselves. I am just being a person, frankly.

  3. Some combination of plan and improvise – that darmano and his circles. Whatever we call ourselves – its an action and its enormously creative. I know what I am – gray 🙂 And I also know the future is very bright with the likes of this lot! No pressure, however, so long as everyone keeps sharing 🙂

  4. This is DEFINITELY the best one so far. Great job you guys, and a very interesting dialogue.
    Re: What bloggers call themselves. Yep, I would condone using the term “astronaut” or “web rockstar” in place of blogger any day. 🙂
    Re: Sean telling folks that this blog call was a “business meeting”– this is what I do too. When I’m getting together with colleagues in Second Life, I say that it’s a business meeting, which it is, although it doesn’t fit most people’s idea of a business mtg.
    Re: Twitter being populated by 45 year olds discovering IM :-)–I know the Twitter hubbub has cooled off for some folks after the initial hysteria, but there are still lots of folks using it on a daily basis (like me), and they’re very web savvy and younger than 45! (not that I’m saying that 45 is old or anything!)
    Twitter is just starting to go a little mainstream now. Web newbies are hopping on, but the web jedis aren’t necessarily hopping off. (Those that are seem to be migrating to Jaiku, which to me is basically the same as Twitter)
    Re: Virtual offices in Second Life–all of you guys totally need one, and it would be a cool touch to install that toilet, Sean. 🙂
    But yeah, it’s interesting to watch marketers coming into SL and how they approach it. Some totally don’t get it, but others are doing a good job of “engaging the audience.”
    Looking forward to the next installment of Eat, Sleep, Blog!

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