Putting the Social Back Into Social Media

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One of the things that I really do enjoy about social media is the chance to actually meet up with others. After the email, comment and blog post exchanges, you can find yourself becoming rather good friends with people who you have never met face-to-face … but this all pales into insignificance when the opportunity for a REAL meeting presents itself.

With this in mind, CK has asked the BIG question — when shall we all meet? She even has a survey. The initial thinking is around February in 2008 … but join the survey and let us know what you think.

Hmmmm … better start putting those Google Ads on the sidebar again (those 8c per month are going to help get me there!)

2 thoughts on “Putting the Social Back Into Social Media

  1. Agreed. There is no better social situation than meeting people first online and then offline. Cuts out the small talk and zeroes in on points of mutual interest. I’m hooked ! 🙂

  2. Man, I’m praying I can make it- the dates in February and April both coincide with usual travel to Taiwan and other places… but I’m really hoping to pull it off.

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