Interview Pressure

I love the idea of being interviewed, but I must admit that when Philippe’s questions arrived I was a little worried. Perhaps I would not come across as clever, witty or insightful as I would like. Maybe I would be seen for the fraud that I am!

Or worse, perhaps Philippe will get more than he bargained for and I will arrive at the interview dressed inappropriately.

Anyway, warts and all … the interview is now available on Philippe’s site. Enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Interview Pressure

  1. Gav, you promised you wouldn’t post that pic of me. Urghh.
    Btw, you sounded so brilliant over “there”. I really enjoyed your interview–and I enjoyed this teaser as well.

  2. Your outfit for the interview was perfect and you had no spinash between your teeth.
    All jokes aside, your answers are brilliant and I really, really thank you.

  3. CK … you are so funny! You must have known that photo would come out sometime 😉
    Philippe … thanks for having me as part of your series. It was fun!

  4. This panty incident actually happened to one of my ex-collegues. She described this experience as the most embarassing moment of her life.

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