Top 25 Makeover

Mr Community, Mack Collier, has had yet another busy week — this time giving the Top 25 Marketing Blogs a makeover. From this week, Mack is rating marketing blogs based on Technorati’s "authority" rank rather than the site ranking available through Alexa … and this has drastically reshaped the face of the Top 25 (for example, Kim Klaver’s excellent blog has dropped out of the list — and Seth has finally been knocked from the top spot by Kathy Sierra).

There are SEVEN new entries, six of which are first time entrants. Amongst these are some of my personal favourites — Sean Howard and Becky Carroll. Of course, when the Z-list booster shot runs out sometime around July, we may see yet another makeover. But that is what makes Mack’s list so vitally important — the Viral Garden is like the Viral Watercooler … we all love to drop by for a chat and a gossip — and no matter who is on the list, you can always be assured of good conversation and witty company.

5 thoughts on “Top 25 Makeover

  1. Gee, thanks Gavin! You are one of my favorite bloggers, too!
    I am just thrilled to be named to the Top 25 and be among such wonderful bloggers. What an honor indeed.

  2. It would be interesting to see what Mack’s list would look like if it were based RSS subscriber numbers!
    Hope you’re having fun editing all those essays.
    Roger von Oech
    (not a marketing blog, but an asker of questions such as “Does Your Book Shelf = Your World View?)

  3. Love this: “…the Viral Garden is like the Viral Watercooler … we all love to drop by for a chat and a gossip…”
    That is a very apt description, Gavin! Nice.

  4. Thanks for the kind words, Gavin!
    I’m one of those who is being elevated almost exclusively due to the Z-List injection. So I’ll enjoy my weeks while I can. 😉

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