Blog debt out of control

US National Debt
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OK … I am getting desperate. There are so many topics for me to write about and only so many hours in the day … I am getting deeper and deeper into debt. This could be the only similarity between myself and George W Bush … oh, that and our shared mastery of the English language. But I promise to one day return, in more depth, to these topics:

  • All relationships are local: Lester Wunderman masterfully demonstrates the art of storytelling and leaves us with a simple insight into relationships: "… all relationships are local. If they are not yet so, technology, time, our vision and human warmth will make them so". Hence this. (Found thanks to this excellent post by Peter Kim.)
  • Art for a good cause: My buddy, Marcus, apart from his myriad skills and well-known marketing genius, is a damn fine artist. He decided to paint this and offer it up for auction — with the proceeds going to charity.
  • Age of Conversation: Drew and I have been exchanging a hundred e-mails a day for the last week, getting the ball rolling on the Age of Conversation eBook. Check Drew’s site for an update later today.
  • I am in awe: Cam Beck has been amazing. Not only has he setup this great website in honour of Sandra Kerley, he has also been writing some of the best marketing analysis anywhere. In the last month he has covered innovative/daring thinking, Google/Viacom, branded online music experience via iTunes and the power of storytelling. If you have not read these posts yet, check them out — and you will find it is just the tip of the iceberg! Excellent insight from both Cam and Paul Herring abounds!
  • Greenormal: John Grant’s fascinating new book … watch as the draft materialises before your eyes!

2 thoughts on “Blog debt out of control

  1. Disclaimer:
    This compliment: “I am in awe: Cam Beck has been amazing.”
    should be tempered with this:
    “This could be the only similarity between myself and George W Bush … oh, that and our shared mastery of the English language.”
    Thanks, Gav!

  2. I have a name for it now…blog debt LOL – and Lester Wunderman, Cam Beck and Drew McLellan in the same post – ZOWIE!
    Then you send me off on a trip with greenormal – I’m gonna need to stop coming by here, Gavin, or my boss will wonder where all my time goes 😉

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