100 Whacks!

Some time ago Roger von Oeck sent me one of his Ball of Whacks to take a look at. It did take some time to arrive (shipping to Australia seems to happen via the moon), but since it arrived it has been sitting here on my desk, slowly becoming a source of attraction.

I have been fascinated to see the way that people are drawn to the Ball of Whacks. Often someone will be sitting talking to me and absent-mindedly reach over to the ball and start rolling it in their palms. They will toss it from hand to hand and then … as they feel its weight, they begin to squeeze, gently, savouring the way that the ball moves and adjusts to the pressure.

Suddenly, bang! The ball explodes in a burst of colour and energy. No matter how often someone does this, it is always the same reaction — wow! Sorry …

I always laugh and watch as they scurry around the floor collecting the remnants of the ball from under desks and filing cabinets. Then, as they place that last satisfying piece back into the whole, I suggest that this is an important part of the creative process … to play and wander creatively and be open to ideas when they come. And hopefully, when they do, they will come with a bang, or as Roger would say, a whack!

Today, I read Roger’s 100th post! It seems like only yesterday that he launched enthusiastically into the blogging world … and now he is a mainstay for creative thinkers around the globe. And to celebrate, Roger posts an interview with the too-clever-by-half David Armano. Some great questions and some great answers! Now, I just need to see DA in a photo Nacho Libre style!

6 thoughts on “100 Whacks!

  1. You will never see me in my Wrestling Singlet as they were called back then, though I do have a high school picture of me as “Class Picasso”. I look like a cross between Ralph Machio from the Karate Kid and Scott Baio.
    Nice picture of the Ball of Whacks.

  2. Hi Gavin,
    Thanks for the kind words about me, my blog, and the amazing Ball of Whacks. I’m glad you’re having fun playing with it.
    I’m sure that you — and your entire country — is getting psyched up for the World Swimming Championships to be held in several weeks in Melbourne. Will Grant Hackett recover from his injuries? Will the Aussie women continue to dominate? What will Michael Phelps do? We’ll know soon enough!

  3. DA … I have been scouring the Internet but not one of those Nacho Armano images are available!
    Roger … The swimming championships are going to be VERY interesting! We are ready and prepared!
    Cam … I know what you mean!

  4. Hi Roger.
    I bought my 12 year old son a Ball of Whacks when we were in Las Vegas in April. He adores it. I now want to find him an X-Ball. Do you know how I can find one in Australia. I am told by Creative Whack Co. the postage to Australia is $82-$87. I have emailed Celeste and hope there might be a cheaper postage option or else you might have a savvy Australian retailler selling your products. Please let me know.

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