Armano Rocks

It is easy to get carried away with the latest posts on blogs … we love the currency of ideas and conversation. BUT the blogosphere also holds gems of great value. This one is from David Armano and is called a Blog’s Eye View. Viewing this again today made me remember why DA is known for his generosity as well as his intelligence — must see viewing for experienced and novice bloggers alike.

6 thoughts on “Armano Rocks

  1. Gavin, thanks for sharing this. I hadn’t seen it before. I’m going to save it. And hats off to David Armano for putting this together.

  2. I am… NACHO LIBRE!!
    This is a nice slide show. I think I’d like to see it with some audio, though. First, I’d like to listen to it in David’s voice with Australian subtitles, and then in your voice with American subtitles.
    That would rock. 😉

  3. Yeah! I’m in the middle of moving, so I’ve been going through my sea of print out articles and whatnot, and stumbled back across this again today. So great!

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