Coffee Anyone?

venetian coffee
Originally uploaded by Ron Layters.

I don’t know if anyone is interested since the Coffee Morning Queen is away, but I will be trying my best to be there for coffee in the morning? Especially because Kirsty is around — even though she may not make it. Can you believe it, she is here for one and a half days? How is that for a rushed trip?

So, where is it at? For those early risers and inner-city types, come on down to:
Single Origin
Cnr of Reservoir & Mary
Surry Hills

at 8am!

Oh, and I just had to use this picture because I am sooo jealous!

3 thoughts on “Coffee Anyone?

  1. Only one and a half days in Sydney, ten days in Adelaide, thankfully.
    I did come! But late…
    I got there at 8.25am and stared politely at groups of people but didn’t see you or anyone else I recognised sadly. My fault for being late. I’m so sorry.

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