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It has been a long time between drinks, but I have finally written another post for MarketingProfs.

There seems to be a bit of conversation around at the moment on friendships and authenticity (and hey, DA, when we DO finally meet, I am giving you a hug — one of those manly slap on the back kinds, but a hug nonetheless), and this post was one that I had wanted to write for a month or so.

Hope you enjoy it!

3 thoughts on “Where you belong

  1. Thank you for the mention over at the Profs. I am honored to be in company with guys like Armano and Dobbs. I don’t really feel worthy, but I’ll take it!
    I’ll owe you one more pint when I get over there. We can do the awkward guy hug thing if you like… but I’m totally ok with my metro-ness.

  2. That’s a good post and deals with something that I’ve been thinking about for a while. There are a group of people with whom I am rediculously intimate with but have never met. And they in turn tell me stuff. And they are very important to me.
    When Paul Colman posted this:
    it had me worried all weekend. I had a funny feeling. I wasn’t alone.
    On Tuesday, after some manic twitter action and some emails he posted this:
    revealing the horror of his trip (I should point out that the writing in the post is amazing, I challenge anybody to top it.)
    I was really worried. All weekend. I’ve actually met Paul, once and very briefly. Our relationship, if you can call it that is purely blog based. The idea of something happening to him, our any of my other blog friends (count yourself in their Gavin) is actually quite disturbing.

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