Tell Me About Your Mother

Freud_dollOK … this is in the totally weird category, but I LOVE it. This site has all types of weird gifts … and the standout for me is this one … the Sigmund Freud action figure.

How did I find this? Why am I talking about it?

Glad you asked …

It seems that the Z-list has TAKEN OFF AGAIN! I am seeing a lot of new links from a new wave of Z-listers. Truly astounding! I will try and seek out a big, long, updated Z-list and re-post it soon. Obviously Mack Collier has a lot to answer for … except, you may notice that the Viral Garden DOES NOT appear on many of the Z-lists.

5 thoughts on “Tell Me About Your Mother

  1. Hi Gavin,
    I noticed this about the z-list, too. I was thinking of doing an update post as well, but perhaps this time, we categorize the types of blogs? Marketing, customer service, money-making, technology, etc. Would this make sense?

  2. It’s so nice to see that the Z-List is alive and well.
    Now if only my strip tease meme would have the viral quality of Mack’s Z-List. I’ve gotten a few people who say they want to do it, but alas, no one has been brave enough to take the plunge (hint, hint).
    Love the Freud doll. Now I know what to get you for your birthday…;-)

  3. Gavin,
    I love Archie McPhee. It is the source of my annual politically incorrect Christmas gift for my mom. This year — the Nun Chuck, a slingshot like gun that flings little plastic nuns across the room.
    My favorite was a few year’s ago. The Jesus Action Figure with Kung-Fu grip. We must have laughed for 5 minutes after she opened that one!!

  4. Becky … yes the Z-list is getting unwieldy!
    Sharon … leave it with me 😉 — but be warned, you never know where a meme like that will take you!
    Drew … I saw that Jesus action figure too. There really are some fun things there!

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