Vegging Out

Sausages and veg
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I don’t know about you, but there seems to have been a blog explosion at the start of 2007! There have been lots of new blogs that have come to my attention, a range of conversations spanning different bloggers and their sites and a bit of invective here and there to keep it all interesting.

In amongst all this, there have been a few things that I have missed … or more precisely, I have seen but not really understood. There is this whole carnivore project going on with some of my favourite bloggers going head-to-head on their favourite meat. This week, Kirsty shows her support for Kangaroo (though I would feel a little uncomfortable about eating our national emblem) when pitted against tofu.

As a vegetarian, I am pleased to see tofu get a run, but fear we are just fighting a losing battle — even if Emily is providing some strong resistance. AND while I don’t really understand what this is all about … I did find this absolutely bizarre range of … "gifts" and thought of you carnivores out there!

Buon apetit!

4 thoughts on “Vegging Out

  1. That is very sweet to see a vegetarian promoting a post about the consumption of the national (bloody, literally) emblem, thank you Gavin.
    I love the Freud doll, I’m getting that.

  2. Gavin–thank you for alerting me to this battle of the meats. And to think I almost missed my chance to get my voice heard on this pivotal matter ;-).
    I’m really sorry to see on Russell’s blog that bacon is currently losing. As a southern girl, bacon is just where it’s at for me. My sister has been a vegetarian for many, many years, and she says that the only time she wishes she still ate meat is when she smells bacon cooking.
    God, this post is making me hungry…

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