Machine Me

When I saw this from Greg Verdino via David Armano I knew it was going to be something special. Why? Because I trust their views. I respect their opinions. I know I am not wasting my time.

And as I am reading Citizen Marketers at the moment, this seems to be topical — especially given that the subtitle is "When people are the message". Mojiti allows you to create a narrative overlay to your videos … and also allows others to contribute to this. You WILL need to sign-up, but then you will be able to add your comments to this video.

And while the technology is cool … I particularly love the way that Michael Wesch has pulled together a compelling storyline integrating message and medium. The possibilities that this opens up for digital storytelling and brand engagement/promotion (in particular) is considerable. Of course, this will not be without risks … but then, neither is crossing the road.

3 thoughts on “Machine Me

  1. Gavin — What an amazing tool for more conversation — and definitely more chaos.
    So cool to see your comment in there, too! You are right on — there are things like this available to everyone, yet there are so many people who still don’t know what a blog is!

  2. Light years – I need to visit you more often, Gavin. That’s an astounding display – “teaching the machine” “the machine is us”

  3. In an amazing display of irony—the updated version of this video with all the added comments validates the message of the video—if not demonstrating the nature of how we now share ideas.

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