Why Saturn Still Doesn’t Get It

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I thought that this topic had died a natural death. I really did. I thought that enough was enough. Even poor Tim Jackson has given up on it all.

BUT then Joe Thompson found some of my posts on GM Saturn and decided to submit a trackback that links through to a promotion of the 2008 range. Now, OBVIOUSLY, Joe didn’t READ the subject matter of my post — BUT if he did, then really, it is just another form of COMMENT SPAM that aims to improve his site ranking.

As you know, one of my biggest problems with the way that the whole Saturn Saga played out was more to do with managing the LIFECYCLE of brand engagement for cars. It appears that once a car runs out of warranty that the manufacturer wipes their hands — leaving the owner of a "pre-loved" car holding the bucket. The thing is … at NO point does a "Saturn" cease the be a Saturn.

Anyway … I am now tracking back to Joe’s post. And hopefully those who read his blog will see my view of his beloved Saturn product line. Feel free to share your sentiments with him!

4 thoughts on “Why Saturn Still Doesn’t Get It

  1. Oh this is so sad… really.
    I really have given up all “hope” that Saturn ever has or had the intention to do the right thing- whatever that would’ve been. Instead, the deafening silence has spoken more about GM than anything else they could have done. Needless to say, Saturn and GM have lost my business for as long as I am ever in a position to buy a car- new or used.

  2. That’s the funny thing about customers. They don’t go away even when the warranty ends! So many companies have not figured out a good way to manage post-warranty customers – car companies and high tech companies come to mind first.
    I will be sure to add this to my “customer lifecycle” postings, Gavin.
    Plus, I won’t be frequenting the Saturn dealer in San Diego, nor any affiliated dealers, nor Joe’s auto body shop.

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