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Following on from the 5 things meme, the super-clever Mack Collier has come up with an alternative … the idea is to identify FIVE blogs that you think are NOT getting the link love that they deserve — and then send a little their way. Best of all … you start with Mack’s original five.

The Z-list, by the way, is no reference to any ranking mechanism — in fact the plan is to try and befuddle Technorati at least a little. OK … so here are Mack’s + mine:

Shotgun Marketing Blog
Customers Rock!
Being Peter Kim

eSoup — Sharon serves up lots of tasty marketing tips.

Serial Thoughts — Diana has a new job and her blog is rocking along! Some great energy and planning insight from Romania!

Mindblob — OK … I am sure Luc gets more traffic than many of us, but there is a reason. Not only is he clever, he is also rakishly handsome!

BizandBuzz — Not only does Gianandrea share some great ideas and contribute to the global conversation, he also does it in English. Puts us all to shame, really.

DatingPro — Julia is prolific — not only does she bring some amazing thinking into the Dating Website space, she also pops up all over the blogosphere.



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  1. thank you so much, Gavin ! it feels so weird, yet so great that you actually waste some of your time reading all my silly musings 🙂

  2. You’re so sweet Gavin :-). Thank you.
    And thanks for sharing links to the other sites–I’m enjoying them!
    I went to Mindblob wanting to take a look at the “rakishly handsome” Luc, and was in for a suprise (and a chuckle) when I clicked the link to his “About” page and saw his photo ;-).
    A rake indeed! It serves me right for looking for the eye candy :-).
    I eventually looked through the rest of his blog and stumbled across the real photos of Luc, and yes, I can confirm, he is quite debonaire. It was worth the search (and his content is wonderful to boot).
    Thanks for helping me find his blog and the others!

  3. Thanks for spreading the word Gavin. It’s funny because this morning I had about 5 emails from bloggers wanting me to check out THEIR z-list, because they thought it was the longest 😉 Great way to bring attention to extra blogs, and give them some link-love too.
    Speaking of which, I’m off to check your suggestions now…

  4. Nice twist, Gavin (and Mack, of course). I’m always happy to read comments on other peoples’ blogs, because they usually lead me to people I never knew existed, to my detriment.

  5. Gavin,
    Thank you for the link… and comments! Happy to discover your new links. Mack’s idea is definitely worth it. I’ll make my z-list this weekend. Way to go guys!
    Sharon (and Gavin too!),
    Come on… you guys are making me blush, really! ; )

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