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Reasons to be cheerful
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Marcus is maintaining the rage over the closure of his old college. There is much to be said for colleges like this … in fact, for those of us who were lucky enough to go to university/college and enjoy it, tend to have a soft spot for the campuses of our youth. And while I don’t have a connection to this college, the plight of Dartington is being replicated around the world … and coming soon to a college near you.

There are some great stories now appearing on the “official” Save Dartington College site. The students past and present speak of drive, growth and curiosity — qualities that are frighteningly absent in many of the graduates that I meet in interviews these days.

There is more at stake than short term costs … or medium term investment. These institutions become part of the fabric of our lives … they teach us to engage with the world of ideas. And we will be the poorer for their demise.


3 thoughts on “Keep Dartington Open

  1. Gavin, Thanks for doing this. The story of what is really going on at the college is slowly leaking out. In the words of “Deep Throat” we need to follow the money. This is a story of commerce versus cutlure; when two worlds collide. The serious issue here is the effect that the relocation/closure of the college would have on the surrounding area.

  2. The Australian Government recently brought in voluntary student unionism. The thinking was that market (ie student) demand would ensure that campus services continued. This has proved unfounded. And the most affected are those campuses in non-metropolitan areas.
    The market is NOT the answer in ALL cases. It worries me that governments and politicians who are paid BY US to deliver LONG TERM outcomes suffer from an acute lack of vision.

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