Black Balled!

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Seems that Typepad doesn’t like me.

Over the last few days I have wanted to comment on a number of my favourite blogs, but have been unable to. At first there were a couple of strange commenting errors, but then they became worse. Everytime it seemed that I was coming up against a greater level of spam filtering.

I wanted to nominate this post by Paul Coleman as November’s post of the month and to add a witty comment to David Armano’s post on Microsoft Design. I also had some suggestions for KG’s reading list, random thoughts on conferences for CK and a little excitement for Jackie and Ben’s new book. There was, of course, plenty of nerdy Second Life action that needed some input — And what is WORSE … there are many other things that I have forgotten, now.

I whinged and complained to Typepad. I sent desperate emails to some of the authors of these blogs asking to be let back in. And then I even found blogs that DID NOT ACCEPT COMMENTS (one for YOU Angryman) — who else but Seth does that?

It made me realise how important it feels to be PART of the blogosphere conversation. Even when I visit A-list sites (rarely) — noticing how FEW comments they attract — I often drop a line or two of comment. And when I find a new site that appeals to me, I will also seek to engage with the author or the other contributors.

It is funny, because there are many posts about STARTING to comment on sites and the pressure that you feel in the lead up. But after a while, blog commenting becomes as natural as an offline conversation … so to find yourself silenced can cause COMMENT ANGST.

Has anyone else been black balled? Or is it just me?

At least I can still rant here … until Typepad lock me out of that too!

Thanks to DA for the idea for this post 😉


5 thoughts on “Black Balled!

  1. Interesting. I’ve been getting the following error for the last couple of days from all typepad blogs:
    “The language of your comment does not match the preferred language of this user”
    I’ve always considered my language as moderate and not as explicit as Mr Paul HeeHaw, but typepad seems to be a little over protective of it’s customers.

  2. Imagine if comments on all 57 blogs went black for 24 hours. Think people would get antsy?
    Gavin, seems like you know a little about what this feels like.

  3. Oh Fuck! Now, it’s official. I’m the guy with the potty mouth. How the hell did I let myself get that brand? Damnit! Oh yeah, that’s probably how. So, now I’m the dorky second lifer with the dirty mouth.
    Ahhh well…

  4. Typepad is a nice platform, but their communications suck. I am sure they make changes to things in the background and only own up when people complain.
    It really is interesting to see what happens when comments go down! I wonder how quickly those of us with big mouths would track down alternatives.
    And Paul … still waiting for that cafe press shirt to become available. Dirty mouth or not 😉

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