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I love my blog roll. It reminds me each day about who to read — about who is important to me in my little world. It helps to provide some brain-activating energy in the morning when I am feeling foggy.

And the blogs that I love most are those who I can read over coffee … or lunch if I have a busy start. This is partly why I think that coffee mornings for blogs are such a great idea … for me they are a perfect fit — just face to face.

Often I will grab a coffee and then sit down at the computer and randomly choose a blog from the list. One click and I am away into a new conversation … listening to the cadence of the writing, reading between the lines, making connections and building up a mental head of steam.

But like many, I have been remiss in updating my blogroll. So today I have updated it with a few new sites:
The Jason Recliner — Run by Vando (a regular at our coffee mornings), the name comes from a brand of reclining armchair popularised in the 70s. My Nan had a series of them.
You Pissed Me Off You Bastard — The Angryman has a clear view and a sturdy aim. My current favourite is No 27.
Craphammer — Sean is a Texan vegan, hippie with a penchant for wookie names.

Hey, and if you want to read a GREAT story about this roller coaster, check it out at Flickr.

4 thoughts on “Blogroll Drop-in

  1. Gidday Gav
    Thanks for the link. How are the coffee mornings going? I am back in the real world again and working like a navvy 5 days a week out near Homebush.
    I guess I will have to do virtual coffee mornings from here on in.

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