Influence Ripples with BuzzLogic

OK … I really need to sleep … but JUST found this over at RoboYouth. It is a great looking little tool called BuzzLogic that seems to be able to map out the level of influence that your posts have on your community. I have not had a chance to look too far into it as yet, but it LOOKS good, SOUNDS interesting, and seems to add a technical dimension to Mr Armano’s famous diagram.

As usual you all may have already known about it. But I never said I was fast!


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  1. Thanks Gav. There was a piece of copy on BL’s site that raised my anttenae around “setting the record straight”, see this para. below from their site, and then my point thereafter:
    “BuzzLogic’s service enables brand and product marketing managers, corporate communications professionals, market researchers and customer service managers to actively monitor conversations that are taking place around their company, brand, products or competitors. They can quickly identify who the most influential participants of a conversation are. And they can engage with them to offer an alternative point of view, amplify key points or set the record straight. Once they are participants themselves in a conversation, they can then follow, track and understand the impact of their actions.”
    My point is only to find out what BL is ADVISING these companies once they do zero in on influencers. I’m hoping they’re not just passing the buck but actually guiding them. I guess I should ask them…will do that right now :-).

  2. I just submitted the question to them and will let you know…wanna hear something strange? They purport to be social-media specialists yet have no contact e-mail for bloggers/citizen journalists. Only sales, media and partners. Huh?
    I’ve let them know they might want to add an e-mail for this audience since, well, they’re “social media specialists who pinpoint influencers”.

  3. gavin, welcome back. i went through buzzlogic site hoping to find a demo test to understand better how it works and the output. no results.
    it was me or they just talk about the service and try to sell it?

  4. Thanks to all for your comments about BuzzLogic. BuzzLogic has made a very deliberate decision not to go into the consulting business and not to compete with agencies and consultants. Rather, we believe that the people who are closest to the business, who are expert in an industry or steeped in the issues confronting a company or organization, are the ones who should be recommending and making business decisions. But often these domain experts have lacked actionable data on what is happening in social media…which we aim to solve with our enterprise application. By identifying the most influential participants in specific social media conversations taking place at specific moments in time, marketers can focus their listening and make informed decisions about whether, and with whom, to engage.
    We’re currently in beta and expect to learn a lot about the performance of the application and also about how our customers are using it. And we’re encouraging them to share emerging best practices with others…we’ve taken baby steps in building a knowledge community on our site and hope to populate it with great thinking from customers — including from corporations, associations, consultants, agencies and others.
    Good point about a demo on the site — one is in the works and coming soon.

  5. Chime-in: Bob (Robert Schettino) who commented above was ultra helpful in answering my questions/concerns and explaining BL’s model to me. Just wanted to give Bob props for being so responsive…and to thank him for commenting here, too :-).
    Looking forward to learning more about the app…and to meeting Bob at WOMMA.

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