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I love theory and ideas … but even more than that, I love it when theory and ideas are put into practice. It is that whole "strategy is execution" thing that Russell Davies talks about … and it is the modus operandi of David Armano.

A couple of days ago, DA asked for comments on the year that has been 2006. He then pulled that together and has placed it into a presentation. It is a great way to see how many of us interpreted this year — on personal and business fronts — and it is a great example of co-creation.

For me, it was the way that technology came back to us all. Russell has a great quote by Brian Eno that says "Technology is the name that we give to stuff that doesn’t work yet" … and it sums up where 2006 has been heading. With systems like Typepad and WordPress, we are all able to write and publish online … even the word BLOG has a distinctly luddite feel. And while there is a long way to go … the WAY that these technologies allow for interaction and community is closer to a HUMAN rather than cyborg-style form. Perhaps the machines wont win afterall.


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  1. Not just the machines, the corporations as well. I saw some stats on youth TV viewing in the states and they have plummeted. It appears that kids, instead of being glued to the tube, are fully embracing sites like MySpace et al…People are accessing content that is peer rather than corporate controlled. Even if the portals themselves are owned by Murdoch and co. They are reading and contributing rather then being fed. The name YOU TUBE says it all. Although problematic, this is the phenomenon in technology that has got me excited.

  2. Roger, I think it is only a matter of time.
    Seb … I agree, kids are really interesting in their use of new and emerging technologies. When you don’t know that it is NEW you don’t need to think about how it fits into your life. It just does.

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