Holiday is Over, Infiniti Begins

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It has all been quiet here at the Servant of Chaos blog … I had a week away to recharge and did no thinking on brands, marketing, storytelling or technology. It was nice and quiet.

But the holiday ends now … and there is plenty to read, do and catch up on. I noticed some juicy posts popping up from almost everyone on my blogroll … so I will need to get busy on my correspondence.

I also shaved the Movember mo from my face. I did get used to having one again, but all the same, am glad it has gone. I have some ideas for a new post on my personal view of Movember … think it will be for the MarketingProfs folks.

Stay tuned! More later.


3 thoughts on “Holiday is Over, Infiniti Begins

  1. Glad you are rested, rejuvenated but still waiting for the Movember pic.
    Must say, I’m glad you’re back…I was getting worried as I didn’t know you were on holiday. So just know that you were missed :-).

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