Helping Sick Kids Smile

Seeing a child in pain or distress is agonising. To look into a small face and see a mixture of sadness, pain and acceptance can make your heart break.

The children who go through prolonged hospitalisation have much to deal with. It is not just the illness, the family anxiety or treatment that they have to go through … there is much in the hospital environment that can appear daunting, upsetting and hostile to young eyes.

An old buddy of mine, Ed, has been working with Gosford Hospital to help make the kids treatment rooms a little more pleasant. We talk about the importance of EXPERIENCE, well this a really good example of how the WAY that you experience something can CHANGE your life. By removing the barriers to a happier experience, by making the environment more inviting, more visually engaging and recognisably kid-oriented, these procedure, play and treatment rooms will make a big impact on the way that children will experience a hospital stay. See more of the pics here.


Ed, is a big guy with a soft heart … and an enormous talent. Some time ago, he setup a business that would use his skills in illustration, design and animation while also giving him time to care for his son. If you live in AUSTRALIA and would like to see this sort of work in your house, business (or even kindergarten), you can contact him through his site —


2 thoughts on “Helping Sick Kids Smile

  1. Thanks to you for pointing this out.
    Kids deserve all our love, care, attention, protection and also empathy. What a fantastic idea. What a great act. A lot more than to “think about it”… ED actually just did it! Please send kindest regards (from Belgium) to ED, his son and family.

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