It’s Funny Because it is True


Sometimes you just need to release a little tension … and this afternoon, Shouty Katie shared this site with me. You all may have seen it before, but for me, it was just what was needed. My personal favourite is this one:

#177- "I like it. It makes me want to come. I mean, to the event! It makes me want to come to the event!"

PS … just for the record, this is NOT a photo of Paul’s notepad — there is no "damnit" anywhere on the page.


2 thoughts on “It’s Funny Because it is True

  1. mmm- my favourite, proving an understanding of the Creative Strategist’s role:
    “Thank you very much for the brilliant presentation. I am very happy with the work I saw and I am sure it will become a great campaign. But I want other creatives to work on it, because anyone who can do such good presentations cannot be a good creative.”
    (Client, Marketing Manager in a mail to agency’s director).

  2. This was my favourite:
    #208- “Well, it’s OK. It’s just that we just want mediocre advertising. We don’t really want to stand out.”
    (Client, to Agency Team concerning new branding campaign presented)

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