Even a Zune error is an experience

While I can’t imagine that encountering an error configuring one of Microsoft’s new Zune products would be pleasant, but at least their error screens leave the curious with a raised eyebrow. It is hard to tell whether there is some hot lip-on-lip action going on here, or some basic mouth-to-mouth resuscitation … as they say, it is a fine line between pleasure and pain.


Unfortunately for FLX, it looks like the pain is set to continue. For the time being, I will be sticking with my iPod … even if I do hate iTunes.


4 thoughts on “Even a Zune error is an experience

  1. I’m on your team. My Ipod is just fine, thanks. The sharing thing is close, but not the killer app they needed to really slow Apple’s growth.
    And, whatever problems there are with Itunes, it still kicks the asses of anything else out there, including window media player, which I truly hate.

  2. Aww Clay, you are just trying to bait me now! I didn’t say I had a better alternative, I just said that I hate it 😉 Not to mention all the sneaky stuff that Apple put in under the covers … just because they present themselves as good guys doesn’t mean they are.
    I think that Apple secretly wants to be Microsoft when it grows up.

  3. i hate iTunes as well, and each time i say this, people around tell me i’m a spoiled snob or something of the kind (?!?).

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