Darmano Gold

I am sitting here watching David Armano’s Blog’s Eye View video presentation and a few of my colleagues are gathering around to watch. As with his writing, David has an easy style that mixes personal anecdote with real-world experience … and I can see the penny dropping on the faces around me.

From an agency point of view, blogging is a great unknown … and one of the greatest barriers to entry is lack of understanding. And … as we always say, and as David reiterates, to get a feel for blogging, you need to participate.

You can download the video from David’s site, and I would encourage you to do so … or you can watch the embedded version below. Grab a box of popcorn and enjoy!

In watching this video, I was reminded of the evolution of David’s "Influence Ripples" graphic. There is a great section where David explains the way this came about and what came before it … and as I was watching, it occurred to me that the next extension to this would be to add in the BSP element … where the ripples just became dotted lines. But then, I reckon DA has already picked up on this one.


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