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Wow … what a week!

There have been emails galore, some great thinking (and beautiful writing) from Paul, provocative and cool new cars to gawk at, new blogs to read and enjoy, coffee morning around the world and even a touch of halloween.

Speaking of coffee, the Sydney group met again today, this time at Milson’s Point. Great discussion and new faces. Sebastian tells us that he has setup his blog, but is being coy about providing the address. Emily also ran us through a presentation she give in Singapore on Tuesday. It really is nice to meet up with people face to face.

Oh … and some great input on how to kick along the KarmaCredits concept — together with an idea for our first small (very small) project.

No wonder I feel a little blog eyed!


4 thoughts on “Blog Eyed

  1. Blogeyed is a fabulous expression.
    I will indeed come along next time I’m in Sydney, or when I eventually return to live there again… and look forward to it!

  2. Speaking of cool new cars (that happen to be electric), if you haven’t seen “Who killed the Electric Car,” netflix it. Great doc about how we got screwed out of perfectly functioning electric cars. Damnit! I want one, too!

  3. Kirsty … you would be most welcome! Of course, next time we are all in Paris, we are staying at yours 😉
    Marcus … looking forward to those posts!
    Paul … that movie has just been released here — and hey I might just do something analogue like going to a movie theatre! But yes … nice. Very nice!

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