Context is King


I was just over at Asi’s blog following up some juicy hypertext love, and came across this great quote. And following on from this post on copywriting, I was struck by the way this quote readily applies to other situations … particularly the challenge of new/social media (actually that was kind of easy because that is the topic of Asi’s post).

Asi has taken a piece of copy supporting An Inconvenient Truth and brought it into the discussion about measuring the effectiveness of YouTube over a Super Bowl spot.

The thing is, this goes to the heart of the marketing/advertising industries … the answers to this are going to be seismic. The challenge for agencies is not how to keep afloat as the world changes, but how to reinvent themselves in a meaningful way. As Google and Yahoo and MSN etc all consolidate or dis-intermediate the agency space, there will be increasing fallout and change. And the winners will be … you all know already 😉

Don’t pretend that you don’t!


5 thoughts on “Context is King

  1. I know what you mean, Paul … I read that and felt like an amateur!
    But it is small, persistent steps that will make a difference. Or as a great Australian songwriter, Paul Kelly says, “from little things, big things grow”.

  2. Hello Gavin,
    I also beleive agencies need to reinvent themselves. The question is how fast can they do it? Today, from an insider perspective, it seems to me like moving a giant rock with a toothpick.

  3. Great quote indeed. Paul Gillin’s Spring book on social media addresses this–and how marketers will be able to account for their jobs when their budget is only 1/2 of what it used to be (social media is just that cost-effective). Times are-a-changin’.
    Love this post.

  4. Great comment from this morning’s coffee salon- ‘how can you call an agency media neutral when they’re putting media on the table’. Marketers can account for their jobs when they work out how to connect with the consumer FIRST. There are SO many ways of talking to friends without buying media space.

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