Will the Real David Damano Please Stand Up?

A    r    M    A    N    O

Are you good with names? Not me. I am good with faces. See them once, I will remember them forever … but names … not a chance.

If I am introduced to you in person I will happily greet you, shake your hand, be interested, observant. BUT will I remember your name?

It is nothing personal, but by the time you have walked away I will have forgotten your name. I understand that there is a medical term for this, but I can’t recall the specific information … and even worse … even when I TRY to remember, I fail. BUT online is different … we often don’t have the luxury of meeting face to face — so naming and reputation is paramount … and it all depends on text — on getting NAMES right.

I have had a lot of fun over the last 24 hours or so reading the banter between Adam "I will trade links for sex" Crowe and David "over the edge" Armano … but I must apologise for getting David’s name wrong. You have been a very gracious … and very funny. Now we are all waiting for Adam to start putting as much energy into his own blog as he does to others.


Thanks as always to Spell with Flickr!

5 thoughts on “Will the Real David Damano Please Stand Up?

  1. Awww shucks. I’ve always wanted to see my name in randomly assorted typeface.
    Seriously—no offense taken on the name thing. Actually I have the same exact issue as you. I never forget a face but misplace names as often as I misplace my keys. So you are NOT alone.
    As for Adam C. He’s a hoot—but your right, his blog needs some love. We all have the right to be cynical but be prepared for people to follow you back to your “house”. Those are the rules of engagment in bloggy land.
    Fun post. Thanks for the “Armano Art”

  2. Adam,
    I just wiped away a tear. Your day job is getting in the way of your blog? What, do you think the rest of us make a living selling wine and signing autographs?
    Stop “moaning” and update your blog. I have deadlines too. And while your at it—personalize that tempate so I can tell your blog apart from the hundreds of other blogs that use the same exact one.

  3. What a great discussion!
    If you love your job then you’ll be glad to post into your own blog as well as reading the others. I enjoy it. In my work routine it’s the greatest thing that helps me to relax and to express my ideas.
    And as for the names- they are really important cause they point to a certain person, though I comfuse names myself 🙂 The reason is that all creative people think with images and ideas and not with names and numbers. This is a kind of mentality that doesn’t let us remeber the details from the first time. The person should produce an idea for us, impress us so that we remember all the details about them: names, addresses, phone numbers and even emails! (the herdest thing for me)

  4. “I just wiped away a tear. Your day job is getting in the way of your blog? What, do you think the rest of us make a living selling wine and signing autographs?”

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