Good Ideas Keep Coming Round

One of the things that I find interesting about writing a blog is the way that good ideas keep circulating. They are like tides. You can be writing about a particular topic and then pick up on someone else’s thread and drift off on a new tangent — only to come back to that "old" idea a little later after picking up yet another thread days, weeks or months later.

So while loving the hypertext this evening, I was over at Ken Worsley’s blog – Recognize Design and found a link through to the omni-present David Armano. The particular article Ken was recommending was this one on PR and the changes being wrought by the rise of social media. It reminded me of a great eBook that I read some time ago by David Meerman Scott called The New Rules of PR. David’s approach places PR in the centre of an engagement strategy that keeps one eye on the STORY and the other on your key audiences. If you have not read it, it is certainly worth a read. If not now, then in a month’s time.