Do Purple Cows Make Good Steaks?

It is funny how cows have become popular. I suppose it started with Gary Larson and was further bolstered with Seth Godin’s efforts.

I am pleased to see that this trend is continuing with the availability of the Strategy Cow. Richard Huntington has been so kind as to provide a fail-safe strategic assessment tool. No need for market testing now (not that I am a fan anyway), no need for crystal balls. Be sure to check out this invaluable new service.

With all this focus on cows, it makes this vegetarian wonder what a purple cow tastes like … and whether it is, in any way, better than the other kinds — strategic, brown or otherwise.


One thought on “Do Purple Cows Make Good Steaks?

  1. I prefer donkeys. I recognize how odd that sounds. But having a “cow-on” is just as odd, no?
    Thanks for the link, looks interesting, and I’ve been enjoying the Servant of Chaos as well.

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