Embrace Your Inner Capitalist

OK … I tried to embed the Google Video below … but didn’t seem to work. You can check it out here.

By now I am sure you have seen the video of Majora Carter’s presentation at TED. If you have not, take a look and then read Guy Kawasaki’s analysis of why this presentation makes such a powerful impact.

There are many great quotes within the presentation … but one reminded my of Olivier Blanchard’s recent post where he declared himself a capitalist (no surprises of course!). But it is the perspective that Majora is able to draw across her own experience, her past and the way in which she is building a sustainable future in poor neighbourhoods, that really brings her story to life. I particularly like the way that she leads us down a path, makes an assertion and then repositions her previous statement — always focusing on the positive, the optimism and the potential. She uses the art of storytelling to great effect.

While I often focus on STORY, sometimes it is the TELLING that really wins out. Actually, almost always.


About Majora:
Majora Carter is the Macarthur-winning founder of Sustainable South Bronx, an organization dedicated to holistic community development, sponsoring projects that create jobs, protect the environment and bring beautiful green space to the inner city. In this charismatic presentation (which received a prolonged standing ovation), she explains the inspiration behind her commitment to environmental justice and her vision for a renewed South Bronx. [Recorded February, 2006 in Monterey, CA]