A Guerilla in the Garden?

Have you ever seen strange footprints in the garden? Ever wondered who left them … or why your garden or public space appears different from yesterday? Perhaps you have a guerilla in your garden.

The site (and nocturnal activities) are run and orchestrated by Richard Reynolds. I love the way that he uses web 2.0 technology to not only get his story out, but to allow that story to be ACTIVATED. For example, he uses Google Maps to show Guerilla Gardening locales and he uses the blog format to post news and information … and to gather his troops all around the world.

Russell Davies is right (as is often the case) … that having an idea is one thing, but the energy, ability and determination to make it happen is another thing altogether. And in Richard’s case it shows how strategic thinking can inform a strong, tactical campaign — see his press clippings as well as the actual number of people who have become involved with his project. It makes me think that 100 recorded acts of guerilla gardening will be only the beginning!

It is a shame that I have an unnaturally BLACK thumb (I have even killed a cactus!) otherwise I might just join up. But then again, even with my best efforts there may be some colour around for a day or two … plenty of time to give us all something to think about!