What if You Had to Pay?

Giveaways are great … they can create buzz, generate a lot of excitement and even (sometimes) help you achieve your business goals. But when it comes to trade shows and festivals, you need a much wider strategy to make your booth stand out from the crowd.
Seth Godin asks us all to think about what would make our efforts remarkable. But there is another question that we should also ask (leads partly to the same answer). What would you need to do if you charged ADMISSION? How would that change the way you think about your strategy? How would it affect your thinking?
And importantly, how would it change the way you think about your booth’s visitors?
Giveaways are fine, but use them as conversation starters!

2 thoughts on “What if You Had to Pay?

  1. You have to decide what your giveaways are for. Are they for marketing immediately – do you just want to talk to the prospect?
    Or are they for the future? Do you want the prospect to call you when they need you.
    If it is for the future, give away as much as you can to as many people as possible.
    -Brandon Hopkins

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