Never Alone But Hard to Find

EndofinternetEvery day there are more and more blogs out there. If you are a lover of the hypertext, such as me, it is easy to spend hours drifting from one site to the next. But what if you reach the end?

I remember years ago seeing a website that had a single page in flat HTML. It declared "congratulations, you have reached the end of the Internet". It came as quite a shock, and back then, there probably was an "end". But now, I see these as not just marking a terminal point, but as a kind of online millenarianism (ha that one got caught in the spell checker!). These false prophets are out there decrying the end and exhorting us all to "do something productive".

I much prefer a novel approach such as this, where you have the option (at the click of a button) to turn off the entire Internet! (OK if you tried it and freaked, try Alt+Tab.)

And while it is clear that there are many, many sites out there, many social networks to join or engage with, it can still be hard to find a group to run with. An online relationship is just like any other … it takes time to develop and it needs to be nurtured. And you have got to keep going with it. So while you may never really be alone, sometimes it is hard to find others and hard to be found.

This is where the joy of hypertext kicks in … a quick blast on Technorati and you are off and away!