Poetry in Branding

I have always been drawn toward poetry. It interested me at school, and captivated me during my university studies. You have probably even read some of my own buried here on the blog.
But the thing that continues to draw me into poetry is the ambiguity that it offers. You can use words powerfully and playfully to create many meanings, some which you may intend, and others that appear between the words (and only in the minds of some readers).
So it was an unexpected joy today to find this small piece of poetic writing that eloquently captures the challenges that marketers face every day. If only we all had such noble causes and clear results!
With thanks to Seth Godin for pointing it out.

2 thoughts on “Poetry in Branding

  1. Hi. I clicked the “Poetry in Branding” link into your site from Seth Godin’s blog. I own an IT services company in Maryland. I just wanted to let you know that I have found your site to be very helpful. I have put together my own little poetic jingle which seems to go over very well at networking events. I am going to be placing it in my advertising as well – it seems to get a good response of laughter and applause when i do my 30 second commercial at these events. Here it is “If your server is down and you’re starting to frown; If lightning just hit don’t have a fit; just call Cox, we’ll fix your box!” Corny, yes, but they like it! Thanks, Rob Cox, Owner, Cox Network & PC Services, Abingdon, MD, (410) 515-3309 http://www.coxpc.com

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