C for Chaos

There is always something new to learn on the web. The challenge of course is to have enough time to read/learn all there is to offer (never going to happen), and after failing/accepting this, learn to quickly select useful content. Most people have the same problem … but it is comforting to hear that others with more experience find the same thing.

There is a great article on Rebecca Blood over at the C for Chaos. Rebecca is famous for having a great blog and writing the Weblog Handbook. I was interested to read about her take on storytelling, and that she views this as a form of sharing. I also liked the way that she keeps notes during the day and sits down later to write her posts.

There are as many different approaches to blogs as there are bloggers. What are your tips? How do you work it all out? Or haven’t you tried yet?


One thought on “C for Chaos

  1. what a cool blog name 🙂 don’t worry, i don’t do that master and servant thing 😉
    ~C (for Cool blogs with word “Chaos” in their name)

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