Game Changers: So Bad it’s Good

Is this ad, “The Game Changers” from the Department of Finance, the worst waste of taxpayer’s money or the most ingenious?

Clearly performed by members of the Australian Public Service and not by professional actors, the dialogue comes across as clunky and cliched. Creative Edge’s Dee Madigan calls the ad “hilariously bad”. But I wonder.

It has been revealed that the agency Together Creative has been paid $37,400 for marketing services over four years. That’s around $9000 per year. ┬áLet’s say half of that budget was used on this video aimed to recruit the next wave of graduates to the Finance Department.

With around 130,000 views on YouTube, the video has cost the department around 3c per view. And no doubt those views will continue to climb.

Sure, it may be difficult to watch as you wash your paleo pear and banana bread down with a perfectly balanced almond milk latte, but I can’t remember the last time anyone was talking about working at the Department of Finance. Or maybe that’s just me.

A Cup of Chaos #41: Old Spice

Perhaps the largest and deepest cup of chaos comes to us this week from Iain Tait, W+K and the folks at Procter and Gamble. Over the last few days the Old Spice campaign has set a new bar by which we can measure engagement. And if "talkability" or "buzz" are metrics by which one can measure effectiveness, then surely this wins on all counts. 

I have a feeling, however, that there are other measures which are eagerly being watched – and they all sound like this – ka-ching.

Videos that Explain Social Media

Perfect for executives and for clients wanting a quick run down of social media – and why it is turning our lives upside down, this presentation brings together the seven short videos that clearly show the context, the business value and the opportunity. Feel free to share it. Oh, and there is a neat plug for the Age of Conversation – the next edition of which is in production right now!

Videos That Explain Social Media

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