My Media Diet – 2010

Around this time of year we all get a little reflective. I think back on what has worked and what has not – I look for what resonates for me and builds into a trend. I think about the lessons I have learned and then consider what could have been better. What I am looking for is the anatomy of the perfect day.


And one of the most interesting exercises is to look at my own personal media consumption. I don’t necessarily look at ALL the things that I have read, listened to or watched – but rather what seems to be trending. What is building from an idea into a behaviour or a habit.

Increasingly – in 2010 – it’s more about what consumes ME.

What I mean by this is that my consumption is becoming far less passive. I need and expect media with a purpose. I am less patient and more exacting. And I am far more reliant on my personal networks than ever before.

So what – in particular – has changed? To begin with – let me just say that everything has changed. 2010 seems to have been the year when my digital dalliances became full-blown behaviours. I believe this has been driven by two key shifts:

  1. Improved ISP broadband speeds (I increased both my connection speed and the download limit this year)
  2. Ease of consumption – a new router, an iPad and an iPhone now mean I can more easily and readily consume content. After all, ease of use drives consumption.

But in terms of the media itself …



  • 2008: A couple of movies borrowed from local video store; and shows from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
  • 2009: A couple of movies downloaded from the web; and shows mostly from Australian Broadcasting Corporation (eg Gruen Transfer, The Bill, Bed of Roses).
  • 2010: Catching up on older, quality series (especially since The Bill has ended!) via online download or sometimes iTunes. I am particularly interested in strong narrative arcs – Six Feet Under, True Blood, Supernatural (hmm, I can see a theme here); and when it comes to TV, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Q&A program is must-see viewing.



  • 2008: Newspapers delivered to my door on weekend. No magazines. A handful of feeds and a lot of blogs
  • 2009: Newspapers delivered to my door on weekend. during week after scanning Twitter for latest news, Facebook status/feeds,WotNews, SocialMedian alerts. And around 200 daily feeds
  • 2010: No more newspapers delivered to my door. News scanning via Twitter, confirmations via The Guardian and other digital editions. I have been largely ignoring the local online instances of the mainstream press, relying instead on sites like I extensively use Feedly to corral several hundred RSS feeds into a manageable form and I simply love the personal curation available through

Digital advertising

I have never been a big fan of online display advertising. I think I have clicked on half a dozen banner ads in the last 10 years. I am more interested in particular eDM communications and offers  to which I have subscribed. Winners here include Torpedo7, City Software, Saba and Sportscraft. I continue to avoid most branded fan pages on Facebook but will generally follow branded Twitter accounts.

But what about you? What makes your perfect day?

What’s Your Daily Digital Diet?

Each day we seem to add yet another device, application or website to our menu of favourite (or most useful) digital items. It’s as if we consume them in our hunger for the next-new thing. But our digital diet changes over time – sometimes on a daily basis, with one new application supplanting another. Think Foursquare during a conference. Then think Twitter back at the office.

John Johnston compiled a list of digital devices that he uses on a daily basis. A number of people have shared their digital diet in the comments. But because it is such an interesting idea, I thought I’d publish my own list and then track it over time using a new Digital Diet category. So from time to time I can track how my daily digital diet changes. It may give me a sense of the trends as they occur. Time will tell.

Here’s what I use daily:

Lenovo T60 Notebook Desktop PC
BlackBerry Pearl Canon 450D Camera
Xenyx 502 Mixer Logitech webcam
Dell Mini Netbook with inbuilt 3G Gmail
Google Apps (mostly docs) Saasu
iTunes Skype
Adobe Connect Facebook
TweetDeck PeopleBrowsr
Outlook Live Writer
Microsoft Office Google Chrome
Twitter TwitterBerry
WordPress Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Acrobat Adobe Dreamweaver
MyPhpAdmin YouTube
Feedly Flickr
Canon MP560 Printer TiVo
JVC video camera Union XR bike computer

There are other things that I use, though not EVERY day. What about you?