Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

5MustReads Where do you draw the line? Are you forwards thinking or a procrastinator? Are you a talker or a walker? Do you feel safest putting your ideas and thoughts out into the world or do you huddle them together and prize them like a ring of power?

This week’s five must-read posts tread the line of all kinds of boundaries. I hope they inspire your thinking (and doing) this week.

  1. Where do we draw the line between personal and professional? Where does it count? The Level343 team think it is time that we considered social media ethics. Have you thought about it?
  2. And on the subject of getting personal, few do it as well or as bravely as Amber Naslund. Here she shares her TEDx talk on transcending the messiness of mental illness.
  3. We all believe that we have the best interests of our customers at heart. But Christopher Brown says we need to ask ourselves, are we customer centric or do we have a customer culture.
  4. Finding it hard to keep up with the behaviours exhibited on social media? You are not alone in wanting to more precisely understand dynamic aggregation and content curation. Luckily Stefano Maggi shares his insight into content curation and the way it builds value.
  5. As we wind our way towards the end of 2013, it’s easy to look backwards rather than forwards. But Rowan Gibson thinks there’s still plenty of time to get things done. It’s not too late. Get going!