Setting a Social Media Agenda–Courtesy of Randi Zuckerberg

1345079821At the Australian Business Chamber of Commerce conference in Melbourne this week, I have been fortunate to hear the ideas and insight of a number of overseas speakers, including Rosabeth Moss Kanter and Randi Zuckerberg. And while I have done my best to share this insight via Twitter using the hashtag #acbc12, the stream does not do justice to the energy, insight and passion of the speakers. For no matter how much we write, we are always caught in the trap of writing – it’s just words and doesn’t pack the punch of an on-stage, in-your-face presentation of ideas.

Before kicking into  trends, Randi Suggested that there are some personas that we don’t want to adopt, including:

  • The crazy cat lady
  • Obsessive food blogger
  • The humble bragger
  • The depressed broadcaster
  • The old person who doesn’t get it. The person who uses Facebook as Google
  • The fruitless celeb tweeter
  • The cheesy motivation tweeter

And while we may all wink knowingly at these, she also advised that there were TEN key trends that we needed to be aware of:

  1. Luxury living without luxury spending
  2. Loyalty program of the future – make your fans famous
  3. Using platforms for customer service
  4. Mobile first
  5. People as curators – become the expert in your field
  6. Have a sense of humour
  7. Crowdsourcing
  8. We are all media companies now
  9. Video and livestreaming
  10. Gamification

Now …. we may see these trends and behavioural manifestations in our audiences … but what does that mean for your business. Let’s think about that strategically. And let’s turn this into a social business. Together. I call it the Social Way – but you may call it the cost of doing business.