Help Make a Life Bridge One Coffee at a Time

I’ve never run a marathon in my life. And I never intend to. But some people not only run real marathons, they run them metaphorically too.

Imagine if your mind and body could combine to make a life bridge – that you could use your brains and brawn in such a way as to change a life. Save a life. Make a difference.

That’s exactly what Matt Jones wants to do. He wants to raise awareness of global child mortality and he is crowdsourcing support for a project one coffee at a time. He’s going to run 10 sub-marathons in 10 cities across 10 countries all in one month. By supporting his project, you will help create Life Bridge: the book, a design forum in each city, an actionable list and a co-created three year plan to help alleviate child poverty by 2015.

How does it work? Here is what he recommends:

1. Go ahead and make my day. Support me for $4: The cost of a coffee. Come on- join me on the journey!

2. Consider the $33 reward ’10 Postcards Sent With Love’: This includes a signed copy of the ‘Life Bridge’ book. Let me share my journey with you personally by sending you 10 postcards along the journey. There will be inspiration, and there will be rawness of experience. Sent with a lot of TLC.

3. If you can afford it, chose the $240 reward ‘Hardcover Edition’ with postcards: This will be a rare and beautifully published hardback edition of the ‘Life Bridge’ book, signed with a dedication from myself. I will also be sending you 10 postcards from along my journey while I am digging deep and giving it my all.

I’ve joined in – and it would be great if you could too. It’s just $4 – the cost of a cup of coffee – a small contribution to a large problem. Please consider supporting this Pozible project.