Mobile First But With a Social Heart

Increasingly I hear people talking about a “mobile” first strategy. This approach recognises that many people are consuming your content and engaging with your brand on mobile devices as a first choice. No longer are your customers waiting to get back to their desks at the office or at home to check your website, video, email offer etc. Their interest is immediate and opportunistic.

The thing that interests me with mobile is not simply its convenience or its immediacy but the way that it changes the way that a customer will experience your brand. However, the device itself is not a driving factor in this – it is the customer intention.

Think about it … sure you can connect with your customers, provide them with convenience, usefulness and even value. And you can do so at a time that is convenient to them. But you are doing so within a context – and that context is “social”.

This interesting presentation from the Hubspot folks shares 50 amazing facts about mobile marketing – but look closely. Much of what people use their mobile devices for is to augment their experience within a social dimension – shopping, entertainment, location based check-in and so on.

So, by all means, go with a mobile first strategy. But to be successful, make sure that you have social at the heart of your efforts.