Is 2012 Your Year of Doing?

In my very first job out of school, I worked as a trainee accountant. It was often mind numbingly boring – it was an era when cashbooks were still written by hand and then later encoded by “data entry specialists”. I once spent a week writing up the books for one business and then spent the following week reconciling them – and I can still remember the hand cramps and the calices on my fingers.

At the beginning of my second year my manager, Wayne, called me into his office. He explained that we all mark turning points in our lives. 1987 was going to be his year. It was the year that he would make the big progress in his career – and he was consciously making an effort. He was being deliberate.

At the time – in my naiveté – I was completely oblivious to what this meant. I was much more interested in hanging out with my friends, coasting through university and working just hard enough to keep from being fired (yes, it was a fine balance). But his words have stayed with me.

Over the years I have put Wayne’s words into practice. For me it is not so much about setting goals, but in the process of striving. And 2012 will be no different.

For me, 2012 will be a year of action. I will be DOING things. There will be no trying, only doing. What about you?

One thought on “Is 2012 Your Year of Doing?

  1. In the Chinese horoscope, every year brings an amount of luck, money and prosperity to everyone. 2012 will be the same for me I guess. And no horoscope or person can say if we are to succeed or not, it all depends on how we motivate ourselves to achieve success.

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